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National AYSO Laws & Regulations
Area Y Modifications

  1. The home and visiting coaches of each game will make every attempt to ensure a fun and fair game. Coaches will offer to lend players and accept the borrowing of players at each game if/when either team is lacking enough players to field a team.
  2. 8U will be played 4v4, 10U will be played 7v7, 12U will be played 9v9, and 14U and above will be played 11v11.
  3. No player will play 4 quarters until each other team member has played a minimum of 3 quarters. The only exceptions will be for medical reasons, injuries, parental requests, or a player arriving late to the game. Playing time will not be reduced as a form of punishment. 
  4. Coaches will be provided with 2-line up cards at each game. One will be given to the referee before the game begins and one will be given to the opposing coach before the game begins. The cards will be unmarked regarding playing time. 
  5. 8U and 10U games will have 4 kickoffs during the game. Kickoff for quarters 1 & 2 will be by the same team and kickoff for quarters 3 & 4 will be by the other team. 12U and above will have 2 kickoffs during each game. One to start the game and the other to start the 2nd half. (the 2nd & 4th quarters will resume play at the natural stopping point of the ending of the previous quarter; i.e. a throw in, goal kick, corner kick, etc)
  6. Each region will have a website or Facebook page
  7. Official AYSO uniforms will be worn each game. Shirts will be tucked in, shin guards against the skin with socks covering them. Each team member will wear the same color socks as the rest of their teammates. 
  8. Halftime will occur between quarters 2 and 3 only. Substitutions will be made quickly at other times.
  9. Teams and coaches will arrive 20 minutes before each scheduled game.
  10. There will not be any borrowing of players except from the opposing team of the current game. (i.e. players from other teams cannot be added on game day to make up for missing players; refer to rule 1 on borrowing players if team counts are lacking)
  11. All 8U free kicks are Indirect Free Kicks (IFK). There will not be penalty kicks in 8U. 
  12. When a player is injured and leaves the field, the coach may send in a substitute or choose to play without the player. If a substitute enters, the injured player cannot reenter the game during the quarter. If the player is not replaced, the injured player may reenter upon notification to the referee at a natural stopping point in the game. The injured player is charged with playing the quarter regardless of time on the field, a substituted player does not get charged with playing this quarter.
  13. There will be required certified referee at each game for 8U and above. There may be an assistant referee or club linesman for each sideline. There will be 3 referees for 12U and up games whenever possible. Referee is not the arbiter. 
  14. There shall not be more than 2 coaches in the team area at any given time during games. While it is possible to have more than 2 coaches assigned to a team, only 2 may be in the coaching area at games. Only coaches in the team area should issue instruction to the players. All others should refrain from doing so. Spectators cannot be in the team area. 
  15. Regions will provide a coaching area where coaches must stay during the game. A coach or player may not enter the field without the referee's permission. 
  16. Once the game starts, only the referee may terminate the game for unsafe conditions (due to weather or game interference) and a referee has a right to remove any coach, player, or spectator that endangers a fun, fair, and safe game.
  17. Coaches are not to argue the call of a referee during the game. The Regional Referee Administrator will be contacted if a problem arrises. Area Referee Administrator will also be informed. 
  18. Each region will do their best to balance teams, only use co-ed teams when necessary and keep players in their assigned age division. Each region will submit a protocol to follow regarding the "moving up" of players. This will be submitted to and approved by the Area Director. There can never be a "moving back" of any player. 
  19. All Red/Yellow cards must be reported to the Area Referee Administrator and/or Area Director. 


Complete IFAB Laws of the Game can be found here:

Summary of 2023-2024 Laws of the Game Updates (as pertaining to AYSO):

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